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weekly mail art

20 Nov

With barely over 2 weeks until OOAK in Vancouver, blogging has proven to be difficult, as it does take up quite a bit of time to type, photo-edit & proof-read. However I didn’t want to deprive my loyal readers of the weekly installment of mail art. So here we go: I needed my birth certificate for my passport application, so I asked my Pops to mail it over from Alberta. Little did I know he would include such thoughtful extras: That vintage photo is a natural tangent into my next letter because my older sister Alison (@mrsalimartin) who also sent me mail as well this week. A long letter typed by a chipmunk accompanied several very fun goodies: book art & beer articles, stamps, paint samples, classic photo and my sisters funniest grade school workbook journal entries written in french about me! TOO GOOD.Someone else who is just like family to me, also wrote this week: Carney Oudendag gifted me the most wondrous handprinted artist book that is over 50 years old. It is by a talented printmaker named Gwen Frostic. Titled “a walk with me” this beautiful publication speaks about nature’s splendor in the most poetic writing and is accompanied by detailed, multi-color linocuts. Carney also wrote me such a kind note and thoughtful inscription on the inside cover. A few parcels I sent at the end of October and early November have made their way to friends: First Caren Gibb found a deer themed package including: fuzzy sticker, stamps, pin back button, flash card and and original mixed media piece on wood. I enjoy my correspondence with Jamie Madalenna (@sendmoremail) because we write letters the old fashioned way, and there is something so much nicer about receiving news written in ink than via a text or tweet. I also usually stuff in one or two goodies; this time I added in vintage comic book themed stamps and an autumn-coloured maple leaf.Alexis Fullenkamp got her second installment of sexy mail art from me. This time it started with a handmade envelope covered in sexy anime characters and japanese tags. I added some sticky bubble quotes for extra hilarity. Inside were some sexy Bieber stickers and drawings as well as a VERY suggestive ‘catalogue man’ postcard, some puffy panda bears and a couple more tantalizing stickers. Alright… postal pleasures have officially been shared. Now, back to the grind!

my super sweet sister & bro-in-law

14 Sep

My sister Ali Martin (@mrsalimartin) and her hubby Andy (@Mistahmartin) made my heart melt yesterday when I got a notice from the post office to go pick up a package labeled “The Happy Couple.” It was a giant box, plastered in fragile labels & I had no clue at all what was inside except that it was obviously an engagement present of some sort. After opening the top flaps I was greeted with the most delicate and sentimental watercolor illustration hand-drawn by my sister with an excited congratulatory message at the bottom. The cartoon depicted an engagement proposal with John and I as chickadees, SO CUTE! Inside was a far-too-generous, but of course very appropriate, gift: two champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly. What made it even cuter was matching, heart-shaped, bird name-tags attached to each glass with golden ribbon. Thank you Alison & Andy for making an already special girl feel extra special. I love you.

to and from Canada, Italy, US, UK & Oz

2 May

As you may know, it was my birthday on the 30th, so I did end up with a couple sweet treats in the mailbox. The first came from Alberta and was courtesy of my fabulous sister Ali @mrsalimartin and her hubby Andy @MISTAHMARTIN. They sent me a parcel chock full of birthday goodies! Stamps, blank cards, stickers, cupcake mix, scrapbook paper and the raddest element shirt with a fox and little toadstool mushrooms! BIRTHDAY VICTORY! Also travelling from Alberta and for my birthday, was a parcel from Rene Helm, John’s mom. She crocheted me an adorable toque that is perfect for chilly spring weather… love the detail too, it reminds me of a seashell! Plus it came packaged with a light up, light-saber sound making, Yoda card! WHAT?! Marcus Jackson aka @luckyjackpress knew it was my birthday and thus sent me a special package. The outer envelope was made with vellum, which sadly broke during shipping, but made it with the help of a PO bag! The torn package contained some really precious treats: a mini handbound book, a letter written over pictures of foxes, a small grey envelope filled with collage and scrapbook bits and an Edward Gorey print about little Basil dying via bears. Great birthday/mail art prezzies. Beverly Ealdama aka @beverly_e did a trade for one of my first zines and she sent back more than my fair share: two postcards, a sweet note, a copy of her very uplifting zine A Million City Lights and a drawing made just for me inspired by my electra karma bike!!! SICK. The bike drawing was instantly on the studio wall. Luke Waller aka @lucaxun of the UK replied to me with 4 of his gorgeous illustration postcards and an impressive wax seal that I have attempted to preserve in a mini ziplock bag. I am also in awe of his business card… the photo doesn’t do it justice, but there is a gorgeous glossy sheen across the entire crown. We also both had a chuckle at the gRowling, an all too common ‘mistake.’ This past week a few friends were treated by mail art from me. The first I’ll mention was off to the UK for JillianGriffin aka @Jillgriffinart who received her starter envelope in our mail art adventures. It had a llama magazine cut-out as well as a screenprint a/p, stickers, found objects and even a where’s waldo poster page. Hoping it was a nice change to her regular influx of bills and boringness.

I wrote a note to fellow Canadian and mail lover Jaime Maddalena aka @sendmoremail  on my new owl notepad and sent a plethora of fun objects along with it, in hopes that it would tickle her mail box’s fancy. I also made sure to include a check for the little lady, because I am desperate to own more of her fantastic vintage Canada postage stamps! I sent my first mail art envelope to Michelle Lasalvia aka @pirichi since we have decided to start trading. A wordsearch, art postcard, one of my zines, a screenprint, colored string, comics & more were stuffed inside the Vancouver-bound envelope! For my creative Italian friend Valeria Poropat aka @valeriadraws I created packaging out of an old stationery box that was covered in flowers and gold outlines, then used my vintage air mail stickers to address it. Inside was a zine, some stickers, a note, an a/p print and a special collage. She also wrote and drew illustrations for the most amazing blog post about her interaction with this particular envelope.Jeannine Saylor aka @saylor_made who is a fellow British Columbia gal, got an UBER sexy package from me, as I used the catalog man postcard box as her envelope. It allowed me the space required to cram in this pile of fun things… I even included a few pairs of my button earrings! Mariana Lobao aka @minawolf  in London, naturally received another envelope chock full of wolf treats. Just like Jeannine’s and Valeria’s envelope, Mariana’s is also a salvaged stationery box from an old set of wolf postcards. I made her a mini accordion book and also posted her a zine, stickers, postcards and awesome vintage magazine adds. Last but not least Jessica Mack aka @brownpaperbunny who lives way down in Australia, finally got another piece of mail from me… after her recent bombardment of mail from her, I was getting antsy for this reply to arrive. The envelope I am most certainly proud of but the insides weren’t any less exciting, as they included a catalog men postcard, a hand-bound journal and so much more. I believe that I made my aussie bunny was happy, because she wrote a delightful post on her blog that included my envelope!Always looking forward to more mail, and have been busy sending some off myself.