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postal pleasures from a few new pen pals

12 Feb

This week I was greeted by two awesome envelopes from brand new pen pals: one who is a long time friend from elementary / jr. high school and one who is a twitter friend. Jessica Mayne, is one of the most colourful characters I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Our friendship goes a long way back, and I cherish MANY memories with her… and now, despite the fact that we live far apart, as pen pals we can continue to make memories until we are old ladies! The above image was on the outside of the envelope she sent me. She gifted me some wonderful vintage beauties like slides of the house of parliament or 1926 violinists instruction guide. There were some laugh out loud items in there including Titanic ephemera, silly stickers and a note I had written to her way back in grade 7 (which was mostly about farts lol). Barbara Wanhill (@2catsandapencil) has been following mail art adventures of mine and other twitter friends and just recently found the time to take the plunge with us. Her package to me was so heartfelt and thoughtful – filled with kind words and items that are right up my alley: hand-pulled prints, tea, silly bands, a hand bound notebook, UV decals for my windows to help the birds, anatomy photos, and even brand new Canadian postage stamps! So awesome. The last package delivered to me this week was from Nick Oostyen & Olivia Delorme (o_delorme) who have been spoiling me with endless envelopes lately. This most recent one was most definitely “HOT” containing hot yoga cut-outs, water cooler talk cartoons, a sexy crotch grabbing cat, moustaches and tons more fun collected ephemera. Luckily I sent an epic reply their way and they found it on Friday, so I’m not feeling as guilty as I was earlier for being showered with letters from them. I used a magazine that a Jehovah’s Witness gave to me at my door: “What Is The Bible’s View of Sex?” as an envelope by taping up the sides and adding in goodies. The collected treats included stickers, Magritte joke postcards, a new electronic music CD, a cedar waxwing clipping and a sexy sweater ad with a girl who looks eerily like Michael Jackson. My pen pal who is a royal family fanatic, Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made), surely loved the recent packet I sent her. I used a fold out poster of Diana & Charles’ wedding as an envelope and gently sealed it with washi tape so that she could delicately open it without rips! Inside I sent a bunch of medical illustrations, an Escher bee postcard, vintage map stickers, washi tape samples, a typed note and a set of four flash cards representing the Saylor family as hippos and giraffes, her fave animals. Alexis Fullenkamp got quite the risque envelope, as I realized that adding a line to the middle of a girl’s spread legs easily creates the first initial of her name! Inside this super sexy envelope was playboy cartoons, 1970′ advice on how to turn your man on, sex education cartoons, a 70’s catalogue hunk postcard, a couple pussy cat stickers and the most romantic cover I have ever seen on a sewing pattern publication. My ACAD friend Mynthia McDaniel and I have rekindled our pen-pal-men-ship and this week she found a Where’s Waldo postcard in her mailbox this week… it should keep her amused for hours lol. I typed her a message on the back & my vintage typewriter started going all haywire when I began talking about the sexy Marlon Brando postcard she sent me. I guess my Mongomery Escort 550 has a little crush on this classic movie star.As always I’m looking forward to spending time on some mail art parcels this week, a few of which will be first time packages for my new pen pal friendships – EXCITING!

six treats

15 Jan

My pen pals who live in BC  have mail art replies that travel fast through these western forests: Nick Oostyen, Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme) and Jenn Cutnam surprised me with quick replies. Jenn seems to already know me well having sent some wonderful animal stationery with cats and furry cuties, as well as a long heartfelt letter.Nick and Olivia sent a radtastic stationery set that has an envelope, card and the most epic pop-out cardboard birds! They also sent stickers, and post-its and a letter. I was also greeted with envelopes from Alberta from Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress) while he was visiting family for Christmas, John’s cousin Chantel & her daughter Emmy and also my ACAD printmaking pal Alexis Fullenkamp.  Marcus sent this beauty of a card during the holidays, which is why it has a Red Deer postmark on it. The photo card features an elaborate mini xmas set up where the photographer lured in live squirrels with nuts. This little guy is checking his mail box for some holiday treats! Chantel Hager & her adorable little Emma sent us an awesomely scribbled envelope containing a sweet little letter, a cute photo portrait and a large colourful drawing made by Emma (the 2 year old Picasso!) Alexis went cat crazy on me and I loved it. I don’t know if its because of ICANHAZCHEZBURGR memes or what, but there is something inherently funny and kitschy now about ANY cat portraits, period. From cardboard cut-outs, a new gocco print to Japanese trading cards with stickers and a letter in between, it was a very enjoyable envelope. Excuse me for one moment… COUGH *hairball*   My only out of country surprise was from the talented Timothy Conley (@aproposzine) who was far too generous gifting me two more of his wonderfully detailed collaged zines (I’m becoming an avid collector), some of his comicon prints, original line drawings and the sweetest little typewritten note. My bookshelf and complete paper/book addict within were so thrilled. Seems like I am back on track to finding about a letter a day in the postbox, and with all of the recent outgoing mail that has been sent, I can only assume that more replies and postal treats will continue to fly my way.

weekly mail art

20 Nov

With barely over 2 weeks until OOAK in Vancouver, blogging has proven to be difficult, as it does take up quite a bit of time to type, photo-edit & proof-read. However I didn’t want to deprive my loyal readers of the weekly installment of mail art. So here we go: I needed my birth certificate for my passport application, so I asked my Pops to mail it over from Alberta. Little did I know he would include such thoughtful extras: That vintage photo is a natural tangent into my next letter because my older sister Alison (@mrsalimartin) who also sent me mail as well this week. A long letter typed by a chipmunk accompanied several very fun goodies: book art & beer articles, stamps, paint samples, classic photo and my sisters funniest grade school workbook journal entries written in french about me! TOO GOOD.Someone else who is just like family to me, also wrote this week: Carney Oudendag gifted me the most wondrous handprinted artist book that is over 50 years old. It is by a talented printmaker named Gwen Frostic. Titled “a walk with me” this beautiful publication speaks about nature’s splendor in the most poetic writing and is accompanied by detailed, multi-color linocuts. Carney also wrote me such a kind note and thoughtful inscription on the inside cover. A few parcels I sent at the end of October and early November have made their way to friends: First Caren Gibb found a deer themed package including: fuzzy sticker, stamps, pin back button, flash card and and original mixed media piece on wood. I enjoy my correspondence with Jamie Madalenna (@sendmoremail) because we write letters the old fashioned way, and there is something so much nicer about receiving news written in ink than via a text or tweet. I also usually stuff in one or two goodies; this time I added in vintage comic book themed stamps and an autumn-coloured maple leaf.Alexis Fullenkamp got her second installment of sexy mail art from me. This time it started with a handmade envelope covered in sexy anime characters and japanese tags. I added some sticky bubble quotes for extra hilarity. Inside were some sexy Bieber stickers and drawings as well as a VERY suggestive ‘catalogue man’ postcard, some puffy panda bears and a couple more tantalizing stickers. Alright… postal pleasures have officially been shared. Now, back to the grind!