The Maker’s Grant

3 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.53.55 AMThe best online marketplace for handmade, Etsy, partnered up with an innovative social network, Ten Thousand Coffees, to graciously award a Maker $5,000 to fund their creative business, product, or idea. I was beyond giddy this week when I found out that Nature’s My Friend was short-listed into the top 20 for the Maker’s Grant! If I was lucky enough to win, this money would help me finally outfit the studio with an etching press! All I need now to make this dream a reality, is a little help from you my friends. I need you to vote for my project; all you need is an e-mail address or a facebook account and you only need to vote once.


Currently I’m in 3rd place but I need YOUR VOTE to make it to #1!!! VOTING ENDS APRIL 6TH SO PLEASE VOTE NOW!

a little note…

28 Mar

A big overdue hello to you, my lovely readers. I apologize: I’ve let my blog simmer quietly on the back burner for far too long. Admittedly, a part-time job takes me away from the studio more often than I would like it to, and when I do indeed find time, more pressing creative duties are forced to be the bigger priority (like shipping Etsy orders or completing paid commissions with deadlines). I intend to remedy this, especially when spring hits and my muse re-awakens. I really miss you guys!

Things to look forward to: new drawings and mixed media works created for an upcoming exhibit, a new product launch in the NMF shop come summer, sharing some snaps of newly sent snail mail, trying out some fun DIY projects, and also baking/cooking some shareable recipes. Feel free to also comment on this post with ideas about you’d like to see from the NMF blog in the future. Until then, PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for an exciting post that I’ll be sharing this week: I will need YOUR HELP in order to make a dream come true!

something snowy

16 Dec

Untitled-4Earlier this year, I was drawing two feathered friends for a wonderful client, who is also a very close family friend. Now that these pieces are safely with her, I wanted to share them. She had commissioned me to create “a snowy owl with dreamy eyes” for her to gift to a friend who has been especially helpful to her in the past year. image1 image3 image5In many previous conversations over dinners and glasses of wine, we had talked about her getting an owl drawing of her own, so while creating the owl that she would gift away, I also sneakily sketched an owl to gift especially to her. image6 Untitled-3 image9I have been looking forward to sharing these two beauties with you guys here on the blog; since there has been barely any snow this winter so far, it seemed extra fitting to share something snowy. Do you like them? As always, if you are interested in commissioning me for a drawing, send me an e-mail with your ideas to