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heart in hand

9 Mar



Seemingly simple and delicate things can often hold the most meaning.

my autumn

4 Nov


So far this season, fall has been beautiful and fleeting. Suddenly November arrived, and the trees lost their leaves; I have been left with rain and even the season’s first snowfall. I did my best to capture my experience with autumn so far, especially after my friends shared theirs.

a walk around Zuckerberg

25 Oct

One of my besties Heather and I did a fabulous walk around Zuckerberg Island last week. This island sits amidst the Columbia River and is just a short walk from my house. I’m always amazed at the beauty of nature; from the simplest things like a fallen maple leaf amongst grey rocks to a mosaic of mountain and sky amidst the pine cones and branches. A walk through the woods always lifts my spirits… not to mention spending quality time with great company.