halloween DIY

31 Oct

Since I am not a big “party-er,” and because I eat more candy than I should on every other day of the year, Halloween is never something I am freaking out about… However, I must admit that I do love the “against-the-norm” qualities of the holiday, and am always happy to encourage people to be more creative, more uninhibited, and all in all more childlike in their everyday lives, so Halloween is a great excuse to do so.  A couple Halloweens ago, I went all out and made myself a costume that was absolutely perfect, considering my obsession with mail art at the time. Since then I’ve gone as a bottle of Sriracha Sauce and also Spielberg’s E.T.. This year however, I didn’t feel like pouring hours into a costume, but of course I still wanted to exercise my creativity. Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 8.14.46 PMA fantastic art and design website, Colossal, featured a genius designer by the name of Stephen Wintercroft who has created the most fantastic “build-it-yourself” masks. They are perfect considering today’s trends with animals, geometric pattern, and faceted design. With his genius ideas dangled in front of my face in almost every Etsy newsletter leading up to this holiday, and with the end of the week quickly approaching, I decided to join the hundreds of DIY halloweeners who had also purchased his designs, and picked out a creepy classic: the skull. If you have somewhere to be this weekend to celebrate, but have yet to figure out something to wear, these are a great idea!

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