may flowers

8 May

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.42.18 AMThey say spring showers bring may flowers; currently that old saying applies to my life as well. After a tough start to the year, and a spring filled with sad news, I feel like I have finally found the sunshine and that blessings are starting to blossom. Time has of course helped, not to mention the arrival of sunshine, flowers and green grass… Other little reminders of how life goes on, such as the arrival of a birthday, also helped to push me out of this rut. I celebrated a new beginning with the end of April, and enjoyed one of my quietest birthdays to date. I was spoiled with some beautiful presents by friends and family and had a nice romantic evening, including a dinner out with my fiance (the above blooms were a gift from him). Other “flowers” that have been part of my spring bouquets: phone calls with my grandmother in the hospital, riding my bike instead of driving the car, filling a big order for a new gallery, setting up the patio furniture, watching birds on the feeder, reading business marketing books, drinking hot cups of loose leaf tea, and making healthy home-cooked meals. These may all just seem like simple little things, but put together, they have become the collective bundle of joy that has helped push me forward. I am excited to be capable of doing and sharing more in the coming weeks! I wanted to quickly note, that it has always been my goal to write and share personal, genuine and inspiring content on this blog, and after a small hiatus I finally feel capable of doing so again… so thank you again friends for your support and understanding during my recent absence. Here’s to a wonderful and colorful new start.

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