making the most of social media

22 Feb

As often as I can, I try to share tidbits of advice that have either come from my personal experience, or other creative sources I’ve stumbled upon. I felt honored this week when my friend and talented illustrator/designer Tim Easley mentioned me and some other cool creative cats in a great article all about getting the most out of social media as an artist/designer. twittertimarticleObviously I want to gloat about being included in the article, but I also feel like the wisdom Tim poured into this piece is very helpful. I appreciate his to-the-point writing style, quick injections of wit, and tangible instances that prove his arguments. He breaks down 4 of the most popular social media applications: instagram, twitter, facebook and flickr. If I were to distill everything into one sentence of advice about social media in general: “be yourself, get personal, tell a story, share progress, post inspiration, and don’t be a spammer.” Read the super informative article here. Thanks for the great advice Tim, (oh and for using me as an example, inherently making me feel like a social media pro).

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