making mail

1 Feb

mailartjan20142Sometimes it’s good to just make something, anything really,  just to get your hands busy again: touching paper, holding pens, channeling ideas… perhaps this is why I always turn to mail art when I’m yearning to create but am too pensive to settle on an idea. Mail art is accessible because there really are no rules, apart from having to write legible addresses and attach proper postage, the activity is basically open-ended. Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 10.28.06 AMIt felt good to get a giant mess going on my drafting table. I find this to be a catalyst that is highly motivating: art supplies strewn every which way (ready for you at any moments notice) allowing you to just cut, glue, draw, paint, etc, without much premeditation. Colors, patterns and text emerge together, creating a cohesive little greeting. In a way, I believe these thoughtfully crafted letters sometimes can echo the creativity of a little painting, filled with details, depth, attention and tone. mailartjan2014Sealing a dozen envelopes and sticking stamps to plenty of postcards allowed me to feel at ease with my current creative mind-state. Putting something together with my two paws is always satisfying. What’s even better though is knowing that these little bits of paper I’ve scribbled on will soon make many of my friends smile.

One Response to “making mail”

  1. Katy Gilmore 01/02/2014 at 11:34 #

    Sounds a really inviting February day activity!

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