reading into 5’s

12 Oct

I can hardly believe it, but this is my 555th post on this little blog! This landmark has me a bit flabbergasted; even with my quieter blogging the past couple months, I have still managed to share over 550 posts about my creative life. Thank you to everyone who reads this web-space, adores seeing the things I make, and finds inspiration from my adventures; it means the world to me to have you along for the ride.
20131012-112614.jpgRecently I had been doodling digits for another project. Fitting to share a snap of them now though, considering the numeric milestone of this particular post. I started thinking more about numbers and their meaning… I came across a fun little list of common interpreted meanings of digits 1-9:

  1. Individual; aggressor; self; leadership yang
  2. Balance; union; receptive; partnership yin
  3. Communication/interaction
  4. Creation
  5. Action; restlessness; life experience
  6. Home/family; responsibility; artistic in nature
  7. Thought/consciousness; spirit
  8. Power/sacrifice
  9. Highest level of changes

Interesting to me that this post # is comprised of 3 fives, and there are three meanings for the digit. The first one exemplifies life experience; I began writing this blog as a means to share my creative life, stories, and adventures with others. I can’t wait to continue to chronicle my experiences here, for both you and I. The second 5 represents restlessness; I have been feeling pulled in many directions, and feeling stretched thin with many of my creative endeavors, yet still wanting to give more. Recognizing this symbol encourages me to become calmer, gain more confidence in my decisions, and just trust in the process. The final 5 personifies action; it is time for me to make more, blog more, read more, write more, do more, be more (less contemplating, second-guessing and over-thinking). There is never a better time than now to just START something.

Have any numbers been popping up in your life a lot lately? Read into their symbology… perhaps these digits are trying to tell you something!

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