fawning over altered treasures

4 Sep

Fawning1I recently wrote about my new gold-guilded basket that I created for my cruiser bike. I had plenty of extra spray paint left-over from my DIY activity that it was just fawning to be used for another project… pardon the mandatory pun, but later that week I was in a local  thrift shop and came across the most adorable ceramic sculpture of a baby deer. Fawning2 Fawning3 Fawning4However I guess adorable could be a questionable term if one wasn’t capable of looking past it’s horrible brown two tone glaze finish, chipped front paw and tacky hand scrawling on the back, in order to see its darling shape and precious character. Fawning5 Fawning6Spending only 50 cents and making use of my leftover spraypaint, turned a questionable 3-D piece of art into a true studio gem. Next time you are thrifting, don’t ever be off-put by a sculpture or a vessel’s color; if the shape and style is something you admire, you can transform the finish into any color of the rainbow!

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  1. fighting the creative block | - 29/05/2014

    […] to it, cut it apart. Use the object’s color or shape to inspire you.” Do you remember this little post about the golden fawn? If not have a read! I will be sharing more fun things from this book with you in the future, to […]

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