a week of rewards

8 Aug

hardwork3 hardwork4 hardwork6 hardwork5What is that old saying… hard work pays off? Well if so, you could apply that to my adventures last week in the Windermere Valley. I enjoyed 4 fun-filled days at the beloved Blackstar Studio, teaching kids some exciting ways to create. We learned about snail mail and made our own personalized stationery, pressed our own designs into buttons & magnets, got crazy with glue and paper during collage and also dabbled in the magical world of Shrinky Dinks. Kids always impress me with their excitement, eagerness and wild imaginations; it was a lot of work, but I had a blast, and I’m positive they did too. hardwork2 hardwork1The weekend caught up to me quickly, and before I knew it, I was participating in my 5th Columbia Valley Tour of the Arts! My parents were immensely helpful throughout the day (especially when it rained, twice), and surprisingly, despite all the random wet weather, I had a great and prosperous day. I owe tons of gratitude to everyone who supported me: small purchases like magnets are just a important to me as my framed etchings, so thank you for helping foster my practice as an artist. For those who couldn’t make it out to see me in person at Tour, don’t forget you can always pick up any of my goodies from my etsy shop.

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