nature’s positive ways

3 Aug

20130803-143105.jpg20130803-143129.jpg20130803-143209.jpgIf you read this post a few days ago, or have been recently watching my instagram feed, you’d know I’ve been in the Windermere Valley at my parent’s cabin for several days now. My mother usually listens to the CBC radio, and yesterday they were interviewing psychologists about the positive effects of nature and how spending more time outdoors is very beneficial to both our bodies and minds. The funny part is, I never really needed someone with a fancy science degree to tell me that being outdoors makes you automatically happier… I know this because I live it. There are so many structured and mechanical things that are an automatic part of our everyday society, it makes sense that the animals within us would seek the solace of open air. The openness of the wilderness provides clarity and calm, birds and small creatures like squirrels remind of the beauty in simplicity, while breathing fresh air and releasing endorphins while you walk, literally boosts the brain’s chemistry. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this, and get outside for a bit of refreshment, invigoration and happiness! (above are some of the places I’ve recently been recharging).

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