wandering watercolours

5 Jul

I’ve been playing a lot with watercolours lately. I think the reason why they’ve become a staple in my recent creative pursuits is that they’re so easy to transport. With the big move, almost every art making material I owned was hidden away in a box, so keeping a stash of watercolours and brushes in my purse has been a godsend for staying actively creative.IMG_5088 IMG_5095 IMG_5114 Whether it’s painting riverside while we fish, or in the sunshine at one of my fiance’s ball games, I’ve been actively doodling with this versatile medium. If you have your brushes, paints and sketchbook, then all you need a little bit of water to get started: I usually have a water bottle handy, or am right next to a river… I’ve even considered giving beer a try with the medium if the other wet stuff isn’t available.  IMG_5127The most recent piece to emerge from my traveling doodles is a set of varying sizes of pale blue and teal bird eggs (loosely modeled after the markings found on those of a Magpie Robin). Three separately painted layers came together as one to give this piece some beautiful colour, dimension and texture. Do you like my most recent prebirds?

3 Responses to “wandering watercolours”

  1. granny1940 08/07/2013 at 04:52 #

    I have all the supplies needed but, there is no compettition worries from me. Mine always runs. Maybe I use too much water.

    • naturesmyfriend 08/07/2013 at 09:15 #

      try using less water and treating the paint like an acrylic until you get the hang for the “free-ness” of the medium. Also be sure you have a good quality paper, preferably a watercolour paper or any heavy weight rag paper, as it will help to absorb your paint, making it less prone to run around on your page. Good luck experimenting!


  1. too good tuesday 10 | - 09/07/2013

    […] I’ve also been continuing to paint under the open sky, as you can see above, adding to my adventures with watercolours. Life is good these […]

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