enviable envelopes

24 May

pileoflettersSince moving to the Kootenays I seem to have gone in an ebb and flow with my mail art. It is a hobby that I love, but is also one that’s easily neglected when shows and other pressing matters arise. The beginning of May offered me a bit of time to get caught up on replies! Above is the pile of results, below are closer shots of a few packages that graced some of my friend’s mailboxes this week.  heraSent with ♥ to Hera Fraser nickSent with ♥ to Nick Oostyen janeSent with ♥ to Jane Murray helenSent with ♥ to Helen Young kathySent with ♥ to Kathy Dahl

3 Responses to “enviable envelopes”

  1. Laura Boutique (@laura_boutique) 28/05/2013 at 23:58 #

    I’ve just seen the mail art you sent Rachel from OhNoRachio. It’s super lovely! What an interesting hobby, and what a good idea to brighten peoples days!

    • naturesmyfriend 30/05/2013 at 08:03 #

      Thanks Laura! Writing mail is lots of fun and doesn’t take tons of time. Always worth the exchange; the giddy dance at the mailbox is on of the best parts. xo


  1. five within the border | - 30/05/2013

    […] it seems… an outgoing letter of mine was featured on a beautiful blog, and I made mention of a few outgoing envelopes in a recent mail art post; when I sent those bad boys out, I also posted five other beauties within the borders of Canada […]

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