too good tuesday 7

7 May

YAY, too good tuesday is back! Lots of things to be happy & thankful for: birthdayIt was my birthday last tuesday! And it was too good: festive army balloon, epic pulled chicken tacos, scrumptious a la mode brownies, raspberry inspired cocktails, purple tulips and a happy and jingly chloroplast. I also got many messages or calls from loved ones and a few belated gifts arrived too!bikingmay5Getting the bikes tuned up and hitting the hills! dextersrestingplaceMy parents buried dearest dexter‘s ashes on a beautiful hill on the family cabin’s property: offering him a mighty fine resting spot, and hopefully further closure for all of us. IMG_4015A return to childhood with healthy snacks: ants on a log! The top row was the 1st test with hummus, cracked pepper & basil; no clever name for it as of yet though, nor the other “log” experiments I am dreaming up.maythefourthA fantastic “may the fourth be with you” kegger party, which I made an epic t-shirt for. Geekery and alcohol will always prevail.

A lot of time was spent with my sketchbooks last week too (as I mentioned in my post yesterday). Any too good things happen lately that you’d like to share?

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