getting back to my roots

29 Apr

IMG_0018I have been home in Castlegar for only 5 days, and time has flown by with unpacking, organizing and socializing. I managed to do some doodling over the weekend and also enjoyed some delicious meals. With the start of a new week, I am getting back to my roots: I want to delve deep into my studio and create some new work, as I have spent so many weeks just focused on the business side of my art. I need to filter, distill and archive all of the thoughts that have crossed my mind during these spring shows and with this I hope to grow and expand with new product/business ideas as well as solidify some exciting future studio opportunities that involve traveling to new places. I also have tons of beautiful things that will soon be uploaded to etsy. Fun things to come, sorry to have been quiet for so long.

One Response to “getting back to my roots”

  1. kimi 29/04/2013 at 20:54 #

    Always good to go home and reflect before starting anew. Congratulations on all your shows and lovely owl commission! I’ve been away a little while myself but wanted to check in and see what was new with you. ~xo

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