be good to yourself

7 Mar

It is inevitable: when either the spring or winter craft show season hits, I get a little frantic and manic… SO MUCH TO DO, WHERE DO I START, THERE IS NO TIME, AHH. I always get things done, and somehow on time, but I often am a frazzled puddle of a person afterwards. Being a business owner (especially a flying solo business person) you end up wearing many hats and doing many things that it is just so easy to end up exhausted. This year I am trying to be different in my approach:  I am planning further ahead and am starting to get the hang of these big shows… but something else I’m doing is making a conscious effort towards finding (or making) time for MYSELF. It could be as simple as a relaxing hot shower before bed, a calm yoga stretch session, a little walk around the block, sipping a cup of tea, etc… but let me tell you, these simple things do wonders for the mind, body and soul. My friend Valerie shared this link the other day, and it is right in tune with the mantra I am trying to keep up. The shared post lists 55 ways to gently take care of yourself. We all need to do more of this, so why not try 1 of the 55 today?

2 Responses to “be good to yourself”

  1. Carol | @imsilverfeather 07/03/2013 at 21:47 #

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Jessica! I have found myself in a place like that so many times. I’ve enjoyed reading the 55 ways to be good to yourself and I do a few of them but I am definitely going to add more of them to my day.


  1. too good tuesday #5 | - 12/03/2013

    […] advice from this list (that I posted about here) and made time for myself to have a relaxing soak in the Spa […]

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