too good tuesday #3

26 Feb

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time to share all of the things that were too good to me this past week:

getting spicy (not to mention DELICIOUS) in the kitchen.spicerack5Finished a large pencil drawing commission (will share the results next week). In the making of the piece, I became great friends with my pencil sharpener (but I secretly wish that David Rees had just been hanging in the studio with me).IMG_1708Lots of grey days here in the mountains; I’ve been feeling calm and composed instead of sad and sleepy… perhaps this is why. greydayMy super inspiring friend, and co-collaborator on Patterns & Paws, Anika Starmer’s Flickr page. Seriously. Wow. Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 5.45.55 AMScoring this vintage “cookbook” all about properly freezing food! (here is a similar online reference). freezingfoodsGetting selected by the jury to do BOTH Make It Shows in Vancouver and Edmonton! More to come on that this week (along with news about another HUGE upcoming show!)makeit

Did you have some good things go down last week? Share them with me in a comment below :)

4 Responses to “too good tuesday #3”

  1. Carney Oudendag 27/02/2013 at 08:15 #

    Oh Jazzy! You are a ‘busy body’ with a mind that never rests! It is one of the things I love about you. One of my favorite ‘mysterious’ spices is smoky paprika and my latest art supply purchase added to my hoard is Adirondack Metallic Acrylic Paint Dabbers. Congrats on all the successful art biz opportunities. You earned it …. you have good Karma.

    • naturesmyfriend 03/03/2013 at 09:00 #

      Thank you SO much darling! MISS YOU ROTTEN.

  2. aisforanika 01/03/2013 at 13:27 #

    I’ve been enjoying this new column of yours since it began, so I was particularly glad to be included this week! I’ve been more active over on flickr lately, so I’m glad someone noticed! Haha. :)

    • naturesmyfriend 03/03/2013 at 09:00 #

      I am the worst at flickr, so I am often inspired by your ability to keep both that and your instagram constantly churning out inspiring and creative imagery!

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