sent away on a snail

17 Feb

I searched on my blog to see the last time that I shared any of my outgoing mail with you, and without counting the January “sneak peeks” or my Christmas Etsy orders, I haven’t shared any of my outgoing postal treats since June! This is unacceptable!!! Mail art is one of my favorite hobbies, and is also a great artistic outlet for me; when I share my artful envelopes it is just like sharing a new drawing or screenprint with you! Today I’ve got some super special and clearly overdue outgoing envelopes to share. Enjoy!

sent with ♥ to Kathy Dahl: kathysent with ♥ to Marcus Jackson:marcus2 sent with ♥ to Paula Fullerton:paulaf2 sent with ♥ to Jane Murray:jane sent with ♥ to Jaime Madallena:sendmoremail sent with ♥ to Nick Oostyen:nick sent with ♥ to Amanda McNair:amanda1

2 Responses to “sent away on a snail”

  1. annarack 17/02/2013 at 10:13 #

    Such awesome snail mail. I adore the babysitters club postcard, I used to read those when I was a child. I might read them all again. I am also loving the forestry postcard. These are well my street.

    • naturesmyfriend 03/03/2013 at 09:07 #

      I’ll have to try to save a babysitter’s club postcard for you. I think i have one or two left?! they were a thrift find. Literally like pennies each. Such a good (not to mention nostalgic) score.

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