incoming mail: final catch up

11 Feb

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 8.24.26 AMAs I mentioned in my mail art post yesterday and also in the taking the plunge post, my focus in life right now is to be healthy, clean and organized (all while, of course, being uber creative). This weekend saw not only some intense clearing out of the house (seriously, 2 bags of clothes and 2 boxes of STUFF are headed to the thrift shop), but it also meant getting organized in ways that weren’t just physical… Digitally, I started sorting through my absolute mess of an e-mail inbox, plus filing and deleting months worth of info and photographs. I have also become well acquainted with my blog again: drafting potential posts, fishing up overdue ones, doodling in my sketchbook and getting outside with my camera again. So for the sake of continuing to cross off items on my to-do list, here is the end of my unchronicled incoming snail mail sent by my beloved pen pals. It’s exciting to let these postal beauties out of the box that they have been living in for the past couple months…barbarawith ♥ from Barbara Wanhill charlottevallancewith ♥ from Charlotte Vallance crystalplettwith ♥ from Crystal Plett sarahchurchillwith ♥ from Sarah Churchill kathydahlwith ♥ from Kathy Dahl marcuswith ♥ from Marcus Jackson paulafwith ♥ from Paula Fullerton parentsspainwith ♥ from my parents during a trip to Spain jaimewith ♥ from Jaime Madalenna janemurraywith ♥ from Jane Murray

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