annarack jewels

20 Jan

annaracktrade6   annaracktrade2 annaracktrade1My talented and very patient friend, Anna Jane Searle, runs a lovely little shop on etsy. She is an illustrator at heart, whose passion has now leaked over into textile and jewlery design. Since we already trade mail art, I though it’d also be fun to trade from our shops; she happily accepted. In classic Jessica fashion, I am late in sharing the wonderful treats I received from her. My apologies for keeping the adorableness a secret.annaracktrade5 annaracktrade4 annaracktrade3I picked out a set of hand-drawn earrings! My favorites of the four are definitely the little black skulls and the mini deathly hallows symbols. They are even tinier and cuter than expected! The treats showed up in a wonderful and exceedingly generous mail art package which included books, animals, stamps, gemstones, and extra treats from her shop. Thanks again for sharing your talent with me Anna.

2 Responses to “annarack jewels”

  1. Charlotte Vallance 20/01/2013 at 23:23 #

    :-D My favourite are the deathly hallows pair too-I bought them as a gift for a friend. The cutest size!

  2. annarack 21/01/2013 at 01:28 #

    Thank you for the wonderful feature me dear. I am so happy you liked your goodies and it was an absolute pleasure to do a shop swap with you. You don’t realise how much I wanted to keep that wildlife book and gemstones. I wonder what my next finds in the charity shops will be next, you never what you might receive in your next mail art ;)

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