knee deep in the mail room

11 Jan

As my loyal readers may have noticed, my mail art posts kind of went MIA the past couple months due to the holiday craft season. There was just too much on the go for me to focus my fleeting studio time on a hobby when business needed to be taken care of. Now that it’s January, there is a small downswing in demands, so I am diving back into snail mail head first…  divingintomail1I must admit though, once I got into my accumulated pile of letters, I was immediately overwhelmed! It had been weeks since I’d documented or thought about replying to any of the envelopes, and now that it’s a new year, my number of owed replies had grown to THIRTY!!! But then… I did what should be done with most goals: broke down an overwhelming duty into smaller, easier-to-accomplish tasks. Created a proper reference list, documented all parcels & contents in order listed, collected all letters from each mail art package, organized all envelopes for return addresses, get out all of the essential art supplies, HAVE FUN CREATING & LETTER WRITING etc. below is a sneak peek at some of my results…divingintomail2I am happy to say that with my task break down, I’ve already finished 14 mail art replies (almost half way!), and created the envelopes for all 30. I haven’t really “curated” the stack of unshared, incoming parcels… So,  starting tomorrow I think I will just post 6 or so at a time, in no particular order. I’ll do this every weekend throughout January, until I am back up to date. Also, I will share my newly created outgoing letters once they are sent through the post and have arrived to my pen pals. What tasks are you catching up on this week? If you are feeling overwhelmed by a big looming job, try making a series of smaller goals in order to accomplish the bigger one!

2 Responses to “knee deep in the mail room”

  1. ejorpin 20/01/2013 at 01:25 #

    Wow! So much mail-y goodness, what a lovely task to have to undertake!


  1. sent away on a snail « - 17/02/2013

    […] blog to see the last time that I shared any of my outgoing mail with you, and without counting the January “sneak peeks” or my Christmas Etsy orders, I haven’t shared any of my outgoing postal treats since June! […]

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