looking back, stepping forward

30 Dec

2012-1 2012-2 2012-4 2012-3 2012-72012-15 2012-8 2012-9 2012-12 2012-13 2012-14I had two art-related “resolutions” for 2012… One of them I did alright at: One Line a Day Diary (1), apart from a few missing weeks, I was better at recording my everyday events than most years! My other resolution, I wasn’t so great at: Sketchbooking. Looking back, 2012 was insanely busy! By the time I had completed my 2012 Sketchbook for Art House (2) at the end of January, I was onto my Limited Edition Sketchbook (3). There was the wonderful spring trip to Mexico (4), which was a great getaway but yielded few drawings. When we got back to Canada, I got busy re-designed my etsy shop, then my parents moved into their cabin, and Spring came to a close when John and I did our big move to the Kootenays (5). I dabbled a little bit in my sketchbook come summer (while things seemed a bit more calm) and had my highest number of daily blog views about some of my doodles (6). But as always, time quickly melted away while setting up the studio (7), programming a new blog layoutspending quality time with new friends (8), and doing festivals like Tour of the Arts! Come fall, I landed a new part-time job that was 20 hours a week and suddenly winter was fast approaching and I got busy on holiday designs. In the blink of an eye November arrived and craft season was upon me, which consisted of 7 pop up markets including Make It (9) and Nelson Prestige (10), plus 2 gallery exhibitions! It wasn’t until mid-December that those were done, and by then I was cleaning house, doing laundry and packing clothes for Christmas at the cabin(11)… It makes sense that I didn’t find much time for my sketchbook. For 2013, I’m going to make another run at my resolutions, and I’ve already had a head start on some sketchbooking. Tomorrow I will share a few of my new pages, some fun techniques you can try, and link to a few bloggers who are always inspiring with their little sketchbooks. Got any resolutions that you could afford to take another run at in 2013? You can do it: the second try is always easier.


2 Responses to “looking back, stepping forward”

  1. drawandshoot 30/12/2012 at 18:23 #

    Best wishes for the New Year, Jessica. It has been an inspiration getting to know you and your work!


  1. snuggling up to my sketchbook « - 31/12/2012

    […] I mentioned yesterday, I am hoping to become much better friends with my sketchbook in 2013. There is something to be […]

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