making room for creativity

29 Dec

studiocleanup1 studiocleanup3 studiocleanup2 studiocleanup4Since the winter craft season came to a close and Christmas holidays ended, I have been mentally preparing myself to clean up the disaster known as my studio. With pressing deadlines, shows to display at, shifts to work, and family gatherings to attend, it had been easy to neglect the piles of mess; now with a few more days off, New Years on the horizon, and a few shows already booked for 2013 (more to come on that later), it was impossible to continue to work amongst the clutter. A couple days of sorting and organizing yielded simple results, such as visible tables and floor, while another day of true purging helped me line up other messes like chronicling owed mail art replies, jotting down blog ideas, sketching printmaking plans, and even sorting some of my 2012 bills/receipts. Now, with (mostly) everything in order, I feel ready to MAKE & CREATE! Is there anything you need to get out of the way before starting fresh in 2013? Perhaps cleaning up a messy space, like mine, will help you get focused!

One Response to “making room for creativity”

  1. Linda Cote 31/12/2012 at 07:23 #

    Chaos to order always feels so good. But then you can’t wait to get into a new project and mess it up again. Happy creativity in 2013! Enjoy your blog!

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