Christmas came early

18 Dec

earlyxmas2 earlyxmas1While we were in Edmonton for the Make It Show, John & I were lucky enough to stay with his awesome family. Apart from spending some wonderful quality time together & enjoying delicious home-cooked meals, the 2 of us were also spoiled with early Christmas prezzies. I oohed & aahed when I opened mine: two sets of fantastic washi tapes & the most beautiful set of rubber stamps titled “nature walk”! The stamps made me get in a DIY mood, as you get to adhere the rubber and the sticker logos to the blocks of wood yourself. When I finished that up, I went to add my new washi tapes into my homemade holder only to realize two problems: there wouldn’t be enough room for them all, and some of the spools’ diameters were too small to fit. I channeled my inner Mark from Recycle Cycle and collected a couple plastic cd holders, tape, cardboard tube, and a broken paintbrush (all found around the studio): two new washi tape holders were born: 1 for the small rolls, 1 for the big rolls.earlyxmas4earlyxmas3earlyxmas5I hope this post helps you get a little more organized, all while recycling and re-using what could be considered trash! Check out my other washi tape organizing post for other ideas on how to store your pretty patterned tape. This little post is just one small step I’m taking in re-organizing the studio. I need to start fresh & clean in order to be productive come the new year. Are you getting things in order for an organized start to 2013?

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