from boring to brilliant

27 Sep

Hey snail mail enthusiasts and postal freaks, just wanted to let you know that I wrote a guest post for Zie Campbell‘s lovely little blog and it’s published today. I shared 5 of my mail art tricks that can easily jazz up any plain old envelope. They are perfect tips to try out during your next mail art adventure! Have a read here.

2 Responses to “from boring to brilliant”

  1. Lilli 27/09/2012 at 20:00 #

    Thank You for the great tips. I love mailart and thinking outside the “envelope” and I always enjoy your mailart and your art. Question, have you had any problems with delivery when you stray from the standard placement of stamp in the top right corner and ‘mail to’ address in the centre?

    • naturesmyfriend 27/09/2012 at 20:23 #

      You’re welcome Lilli! I usually try to keep my stamps and address in the proper place to ensure safe delivery… however in the past I have been experimental and they have arrived, just on a longer timeline (and handled by probably some not so impressed post office staff). The rare envelope I send goes missing, but it is such a small percentage and I doubt the loss is due to mislabeling. I hope you have fun decorating your letters with these new tricks. xo

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