tour of the arts 2012

8 Aug

This past long weekend, my life felt like an absolute roller-coaster: up, down and fast-paced. Today is the first time I felt like I’ve caught my breath, even though I am still unpacking my suitcase and boxes from the tour of the arts. The event went well; it was a really hot day with a high of 32 degrees, (I’m surprised more people weren’t tempted away from the art by the lake & beach). Luckily a good lot of art lovers came out, many who were friendly and familiar faces. My site was just passed Lillian Lake next to gorgeous trees, a small body of water and a busy bird feeder; perfect for my work really. I was so lucky to have my beau John helping me and even luckier to have such wonderful patrons purchasing my artwork to be part of their homes. It is always great to be part of this incredibly organized and volunteer driven event. I have more lovely snaps of on-goings from the weekend to share with you later on, as well as some new works of art! And if you didn’t see my blog post about last year’s Tour of the Arts, here it is for your reading pleasure.

2 Responses to “tour of the arts 2012”


  1. valley gourmand « - 09/08/2012

    […] Sushi and Edamame from Fubuki Sushi was thoroughly enjoyed outside in the evening sunshine after Tour of the Arts and I can hardly wait to get back sometime soon to gorge on felafels at the brand new Safta’s […]

  2. looking back, stepping forward « - 30/12/2012

    […] setting up the studio (7), spending quality time with new friends (8), and doing festivals like Tour of the Arts! Come fall, I landed a new part-time job that was 20 hours a week and suddenly winter was fast […]

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