dismantling symmetry

30 Jul

I had the honor of volunteering yesterday at the Kootenay Art Gallery, helping dismantle the current exhibition: Variations on Symmetry, created by Eliza Au & Ying-Yueh Chuang. The exhibit displays their three-dimensional interpretations of natural forms and patterns, made of either ceramics or cast glass. Multiple pieces are shown together in balanced patterns of symmetry in order to make a larger whole. The show has a great push and pull between organic and regimented, movement and static, pattern and chaos, big and small.My favorite piece, seen above, is made up of hundreds of small hand sculpted ceramic creatures and forms that are displayed on glass rods in a Mandela-type pattern. Packing this artwork away was also incredible; so much work goes into not only the artwork but into the organization and storage of it as well. The most enjoyable job I had was wrapping over 200 little blue and pink polka-dotted octopus forms; they were just SO cute! Plus it was really interesting to put my pretty little paws all over the artwork; I was able to interact with each form, separated from the larger whole… a situation that never would have been possible in a normal gallery setting.  I wanted to leave you with a time lapse video of the piece being installed so that you can get a true understanding of the sheer amount of work, detail and organization that goes into this entire show. The exhibition is touring across Canada into next year, so be sure to visit if it comes to a public gallery near you!

One Response to “dismantling symmetry”

  1. drawandshoot 01/08/2012 at 20:45 #

    What an intricate installation, fascinating!

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