now it feels like home

18 Jul

Two weeks worth of mail have now arrived here in Castlegar, including letters forwarded from 100 Mile House. Sadly I haven’t had any time to be a proper pen pal who diligently writes back, but yesterday I finally came across the three boxes marked as Mail Art Supplies; I see some snail mail making in my near future. Thank you my pen pals, for making me feel at home with all of these thoughtful letters and parcels!  First to arrive, very Harry Potter-esque, was an owl postcard with ♥ from Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress) A lovely house warming gift (written by my secret boyfriend Chuck Hughes) and a silly card with ♥ from my sister Alison Martin (@mrsalimartin) & Andy Martin.Mojito inspired mail art parcel, complete with incredible PAPER straws, with ♥ from Barbara Wanhill (@2catsandapencilAn adorable handmade address change postcard with ♥ from Jessica Mack (@brownpaperbunnyA request that was happily obliged: a giant pile of half full tags so that I can continue my positivity adventures in my new town, with ♥ from Sarah Hutchinson Burke (@thesecondmagpie) The best postcard, which is tottaly quotable by the way, with ♥ from Adea Cheung (@billywould)The most wonderful pile of bird ephemera, including a letter folded into an origami bird, with ♥ from Sumi Senthi (@sumiartA zine trade with ♥ from Valentina Keslowe  A pile of animal treats, I especially love the vintage birds, with ♥ from Nicole Palmer Indian recipes complete with ziplocked spices, mad libs, payment for a secret order from my etsy shop and other fun follies with ♥ from Jessica Mayne Pretty pink package with fantastic vintage photos and adorable children’s drawings with ♥ from Tessa Brown (@talulabblogger) For the move and the new house, a special Chinese good luck totem with ♥ from Kathy Dahl

5 Responses to “now it feels like home”

  1. Emily Orpin (@ejorpin) 18/07/2012 at 18:30 #

    So much wonderful! I think my favourite may be the bird themed package – turning a letter into an origami bird, great idea! I’d never thought about how receiving mail is one of those things that make you think ‘this really is home!’ but it most definitely is. Glad to hear you are settling in nicely :)

    • naturesmyfriend 18/07/2012 at 19:09 #

      Thanks Emily! Can’t wait to get some letters from you here too!

  2. cArol 19/07/2012 at 09:30 #

    I’m happy to read that you feel at home now! You have some beautiful treasures there. How cool that you’re gonna continue leaving the half full tags around your new city.
    I’m finally working on some mail art for you, so I was wondering about what address to use.

    • naturesmyfriend 19/07/2012 at 09:35 #

      My mail from 100 Mile House is being forwarded for 6 months, so you can send there, OR check your twitter DM’s for the new addy! Can’t wait for some silver feathers!


  1. more from the mailbox « - 11/08/2012

    […] window, possibly holding special treats! So I wanted to share these few new postal arrivals, since I last chronicled my incoming letters in mid-July. There’s also 2 envelopes (from June in 100 Mile) that were recently recovered while going […]

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