so long my sweet studio

30 Jun

I have tasted this bittersweet feeling many times before. Leaving a special space where I have been inspired, creative and productive is really hard. Of course I’m excited about the prospects of the future studio: I get to experience a new space, new ambiance and new opportunities. However, leaving my current space is also an uprooting that changes my studio set-up, my gorgeous inspiration wall, and the spot where all of my recent accomplishments from the past 20 months have taken place. This particular space even made it into Uppercase Magazine! I made sure to stand in front of that wall for a long while until many of the memories of my 100 Mile House studio found dear spaces in my heart.I thought it was a perfect occasion to share and reflect about two of my other studio uprootings from the past half decade. Above is my studio during the final year of my Bachelor of Fine Arts studies at ACAD.  It was in the back corner of the printmaking department where my beloved animals, drawings and prints exploded on to the walls. The studio space I rented after my BFA was at the Co-op Studio & Gallery, Blackstar in Invermere, BC. It was a great way to transition from being a student into a practicing artist: I was actively involved with an art community that I care about dearly and I also got to spend time daily with a few of my best friends who were also renting spaces. 20 months ago John landed a great radio gig, so my East Kootenays studio was packed up and I moved up to 100 Mile House. It only made sense to leave you with a final shot of my empty studio space. I look forward to sharing a lot of fun and exciting ideas, events and creations when I return to the blog in just a few days… The move starts tonight, wish me luck. Goodbye 100 Mile House. So long my sweet studio.

3 Responses to “so long my sweet studio”

  1. The Second Magpie 30/06/2012 at 14:10 #

    Massive luck to you. I’ve only known you since you lived in 100 Mile House (which I always thought was a great name) and I don’t know why I feel a bit (VERY) emotional about you leaving but I do. Have fun exploring your new town. xx

  2. kimi 02/07/2012 at 23:17 #

    That first photo is so touching. I’m sure you’ll bring all of it with you, but somehow it seems to represent the time and place of creativity that has been 100 Mile House. I know there are many good things awaiting you in your new place. Good luck and wish you many happy and creative times ahead!


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    […] from scratch with yet another set of inspiration walls. Couldn’t help but also think about this old post (written about a year ago) as it pretty much parallels my life at this very […]

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