a day of little celebrations

2 Jun

With May coming to a close and looking back on all of the things I have recently accomplished, all of the things on the go, and all of the things coming up, I’ve realized that I sometimes forget to take a moment or two for myself. We all often forget to have little rewards or celebrations for our own accomplishments (may they be big or small). So especially after all the mayhem of making-over the etsy shop, I thought I would enjoy a day of little celebrations.It has been almost two weeks since I replied or wrote to any of my pen pals and I don’t even remember when I last brewed myself a pot of tea and sat in the sunshine, next to the window, enjoying the bright green of the wilderness behind our house. I set up a little rolling caddy table with all of my recently received letters, and a bunch of my mail art supplies. So this morning I’m enjoying several hours finishing up some mail art packages, sipping tea, getting lost in my own thoughts and staring out the window. Later today I plan on enjoying a lovely home cooked indian dinner with my beau, much like the one I cooked last week with butter chicken, kashmiri rice, chickpea dahl, roasted curry vegetables and toasted whole wheat naan. We’ll probably be drinking a final batch of raspberry mojitos, as my giant $2 bundle of mint has finally dwindled to it’s last few leaves. I may also tune into some Queen Diamond Jubilee celebrations later, as the Elizabeth antler pillow behind my back and my jubilee medal are already making me feel festive. I hope you will take some time this weekend to celebrate the recent goals you have achieved!

6 Responses to “a day of little celebrations”

  1. aniika 02/06/2012 at 16:10 #

    This is so good! I always think I’ll take the time to celebrate or reward myself for a job well done, but the next job is always coming up right away, so it’s hard to make (take) the time. I hope your entire weekend can be a celebration!

    • naturesmyfriend 02/06/2012 at 17:45 #

      Thanks Anika! I hope you find some time for yourself soon too, maybe with a little bit of a patterns and paws wrap up??? so excited to see your progress. :)

  2. ejorpin 02/06/2012 at 22:01 #

    I love little celebrations – it’s those small rewards that are sometimes the nicest and the most centering. And well done you for recognising the need to take a break and treat yourself – I just caught up with your new look Etsy store and holy cow you have been busy! The new product shots are AMAZING, very inspiring!

  3. cArol 03/06/2012 at 08:06 #

    Hi Jessica, It’s been a while since I wrote here but I do read. I just loved this post so much that I had to tell you, tho’. Taking time to enjoy ourselves is so important for our happiness and health. I never seem to get around to doing it enough. And I just love your little typing place you’ve set up there, your tea cup and journal (I think). I want one of those mojitos. :) Enjoy!!!


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