sending and opening special snail mail

30 May

As always, I have some lovely snail mail treats to share with you this week: 5 outgoing packages and 6 incoming envelopes. I must say, now that it’s finally spring, I’ve really been enjoying the short bike rides in the sunshine to the postbox and back to drop off and pick up letters… my neighbours should be jealous when they see me riding back with the loveliest postal loot!

sent with love to: Nick Oostyen and Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme)

sent with love to: Justice Bicycle (@justicebicycle)

sent with love to: Jane Murray

sent with love to: Jenny Cutnam

sent with love to: Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made)

with love from: Jillian Griffin (@jillgriffinart)

with love from: Charlotte Vallance (@charlsvallance)

with love from: Beverly Ealdama (@beverly_e)

with love from: Julia Webb

with love from: Pagrum Boom aka Miss Lemon

with love from: Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard)

4 Responses to “sending and opening special snail mail”

  1. Marcus 30/05/2012 at 08:29 #

    WOAH! Nice LOOT! CAn’t wait for you to get my little package and hopefully yours will show up sometime soon! I keep checking the postbox but as yet nothing.

  2. Anna Jane Searle 30/05/2012 at 09:42 #

    That first envelope is so bloody cool, I would go so hyper if I got one like that. I’m starting to save things up for my mail to you, its EXCITING!!!! Anyhooo, awesome mail goodness here and that jubilee one is flippen epic!!! How cool is that medal and that union Jack flag envelope WOW!!!

  3. Julia 30/05/2012 at 15:34 #

    so glad to see that my little package got to you OK – looks like you got some great stuff today!

  4. Jeannine | SaylorMade 31/05/2012 at 18:46 #

    So many interesting and varied bits! I just received a union jack envelope with my own engraved medal. That Sarah is crazy generous!

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