postal pleasures – incoming & outgoing

22 Apr

Plenty of incoming and outgoing postal pleasures to share with you this week, starting with my darling sister, who sent me a very interestingly shaped package with seriously sufficient postage. The obscure dimensions were courtesy of a Kicking Horse Coffee tin that held many thoughtful gifties like epic Canada rubber stamps and a beautiful felt bowl she’d made. There was also a giant bag of decorative seashells (which put my dozen seashells and beach sand that I diligently collected in Mexico, to shame. lol).  I received my first letter from a longtime and dear friend, Ryan Mathieson, and enjoyed every little bit of it. His handwriting, the topics in his letter, recent photography work and a new adventure in his creative career: coloured resin casting. so awesome. Jane Murray had quite the elaborate mail art piece: She wrote her letter on raw canvas and used it as an envelope to hold lots of lovely ephemera like wildlife postcards, screenprints and vintage embroidery decals. The canvas was then wrapped up in purple tissue, fabric bows and sealed with clear tape. It’s safe to assume that almost every envelope plastered in bright or cute animal stickers is bound to be from Jenny Cutnam. She filled a handmade greeting card right to the edges with her beautiful printing, and continued onto some other animal themed notepaper to finish her thoughts. The above letter was in response to a recent envelope I sent to Jen only a week or so earlier. It was made out of a cardboard cover from a sticker set and featured a cool glassine paw print with which I filled with colorful animal stickers, long typewritten reply, mexican memories and a cute kitty.Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made) started a new theme for our mail art & developed an altered postcard exchange. I chronicled this new idea of hers in a previous mail art post, along with the materials she provided me for my first attempt at the project. I’m now able to share the results, as well as the envelope I sent containing it and the materials that I hand selected for her first mixed media postcard creation for this series. I wrote back to Nicole Palmer on an old book page from a medical journal, since she told me she likes medical illustrations and ephemera. She also loves zebras, so I took note of that and included a couple along with a memory of mine from my Mexican vacation.Upon returning from Mexico I wrote a long typewritten letter to Marissa Falco (@czarcastic) thanking her for gifting me a #5 zine. I sent it along with some memories of my trip including hotel stationery, a mixed media drawing on a coaster from my hotel and also a genuine shell and sand from the sunny shores of the Mayan Riviera. The beautiful Emily Orpin (@ejorpin) found a badly addressed envelope from me. Ironic that I’d complain about people turning my last name into gRowling when I do the same type of thing to poor Emily… I wrote orpHin. UGH. I hope that the pretty stamps and lovely treats hidden inside made up for my labelling mistake. Barbara Wanhill (@2catsandapencil) always gifts me stamps so I decided to return the favor and picked out a really nice set (complete with cardboard cover and all) from my vintage stash. I also owed her a vintage tea card after she gifted me one of an antelope. I typed her a letter and also included some patterned papers and one of my final Mexican seashell and sand packages.I surprised Anika Starmer (@aisforanika) a week ago when I let her know that our collaboration was already flying back to her with my additions. Check out this recent post which chronicles all of the progress and new imagery inside these wonderfully colorful and inventive sketchbooks. I sent with them a little wiener dog joke and the beginning of a drawing I sadly never finished for a collaborative post Anika did ages ago. I made an envelope for the fantastic Helen Young out of a page from an Art in America magazine: it had a guy carrying a cube over his head, wearing a leather vest with an embroidered laser green-eyed tiger on the back. Awesomeness ensued on the inside. Mail art unfortunately will not be chronicled next week, as I am travelling back to both of my hometowns (Calgary, AB and Invermere, BC ) to take care of some business including packing, family time, printmaking, bird watching, dinners with friends, walks in the woods and gallery visits. You’ll see in due time though, as I always do my best to bring you along for the ride….

3 Responses to “postal pleasures – incoming & outgoing”

  1. <3 the felt bowl and mixed media work!

  2. Jeannine | SaylorMade 24/04/2012 at 21:41 #

    This is a long post! What a bounty! I didn’t mention it in my post, but I loved the stamps you selected and the way you decorated the envelope.

  3. aisforanika 25/04/2012 at 18:25 #

    I loved the dachshund joke, but the deer drawing you included was really special. thank you! I also enjoyed your typed letter, especially the strike-through marks which I found very charming. :)

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