charmed by nature

20 Apr

I’ve really been enjoying bird watching these past few days. Fat fluffy robins, energetic yellow-rumped myrtle warblers, and a beautiful hairy woodpecker have been gracing my front yard. It seems like spring may have finally sprung since all of these feathered beauties keep flying up to my tree… it gave me an extra push to get creating: I’ve finished up some new bird-inspired, one of a kind, charm necklaces for a super awesome gallery that carries my work, Blackstar Studios (as I will be visiting them in the next week or so with a plethora of new product and many big hugs). 9 new pieces join 8 of the necklaces left from my etsy jewelry sale. They are currently hanging in my front window awaiting their upcoming trip to a new, creative home in Invermere, and will hopefully be around some gorgeous necks shortly after.

One Response to “charmed by nature”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 21/04/2012 at 02:33 #

    Wicked jewellery love and I wish I had a woodpecker to come and visit me.

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