a pile of sent replies

13 Apr

I’ve been getting better at staying on top of replying to my pen pals in a timely manner and I currently owe only one of my pen pals! Apart from bragging about my organized letter writing, I’m also trying to hint at the fact that I have quite a few lovely recently created outgoing envelopes, that I can now share with you here, because they’ve arrived to their final destinations!

Brooke Weeber (@thelittlecanoe) found a red envelope with teal blue writing, a 3-D fish skeleton and some real stamp beauties. Inside was one of my re-bound thrift shop notebooks along with canoe, cooking and underwear references.Nicole Palmer‘s reply to this envelope below was featured yesterday. I sent her wedding inspirations, mother references, some fun stickers and a list of some of my favorites. Nick Oostyen and Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme) are quicker at replies than me these days. Their yellow package featured in yesterday’s post was the reply to the treats below.Heather Van Riesen, a former co-worker & fellow artist, was super excited at the prospect of trading mail. I started our exchange with a zine, funny postcards and other treats, in an airmail themed envelope. Her clever reply to this was shown yesterday.Miss Cheetarah (@miss Thundercat) was also gifted a re-bound notebook, along with garden and nature themed ephemera and envelope adorned with beauty stamps. Kelsey Fraser sent me the most wonderful hand cut drawing around Valentine’s day, so I wanted to make my reply for her special. She deserved the two brand new arthouse zines, personalized card and a one of a kind mixed media piece on a balsa wood panel.The letter below was written for Jenny Cutnam prior to leaving for Mexico. I was so proud of this red envelope: the Heron and Queen Jubilee stamp made the perfect pair, and popped perfectly with the white writing. Paw pads & post-its were stashed inside.It feels like I sent this envelope to the lovely Jill Griffin (@jillgriffinart) ages ago. The adorable night time girl on the envelope was guarding an envelope bursting with spring happiness that included cards, note papers, gardening ads, pressed flowers and leaves.
Jane Murray received a screenprinted postcard with one of my cross bearing rams on brown cardstock. A Queen Diamond Jubilee stamp guided the big horn to Cranbrook.Pagrum Boon aka Miss Lemon, told me she loves the moon, daisies and whales. I sent her ephemera of each (one of which is courtesy of the lovely Sarah Hutchinson Burke) and a where’s waldo postcard in a handmade envelope.
I wrote to Charlotte Vallance (@charlsvallance) before leaving to Mexico and so I included some beach themed stamps. A bunch of other fun things were hidden inside a beautifully decorated envelope that featured post its, washi tape, stickers and stamps!I’ve been meaning to write to my deer friend and former ACAD peer, Ryan Mathieson, for months now. I finally found time late one evening to write a letter on a camera postcard, and was especially inspired to send it off when I finished tearing down my Justice Bicycle calendar and transformed it into mail art envelopes (JB also went to school with us).And finally a little postcard that I sent off for Jaime Maddellena (@sendmoremail) that prompted the adorable Easter themed reply that I mention yesterday.
A few more mail art packages I’ve put together are floating off to pen pals still, and I am hopeful that some replies are also flying back my way. I hope you enjoyed a peek at the fun things I’ve sent off recently… as always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

One Response to “a pile of sent replies”

  1. Jill Griffin 20/04/2012 at 08:11 #

    It always amazes me at the variety…they are all so very different! I’ll be getting a reply to you in the vague near future…my Dad is very sick so everything is very hehind :-(

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