a month of mail art – outgoing – part 1

21 Mar

I’m so excited to start sharing the things that I’ve sent around the globe through the postal system this past month and so I might as well start off with an obscure package like the one I sent to Kathy Dahl: a book, 100 games of logic, taped shut. She recently took a trip to the Bahamas and had several plane delays; this book should be able to help save her from boredom next time.Jane Murray is a friend from my second home, the Columbia Valley. I met her while working for several years at a local gallery. I recently recieved an e-mail from her and we both thought we should revive the lines of communication. Another pen pal was born.

Jessica Mayne found her first package from me. A handmade, screenprinted envelope filled with paper ephemera that all reminded me of this creative and eccentric gal.Jessica Mack (@brownpaperbunny) is moving north: to the USA! I found this ‘Aussie Slang’ book at a thrift shop & thought it would be a great gift for Jess – this way if her new friends don’t know what her or her beau are saying, they have a reference book! lol.
I sent miss Jaime Maddalena (@sendmoremail) a wee letter in some fab new stationery. However it’s smaller than minimum mailing size, so I got creative and sent it in a slightly larger glassine envelope. I’m such a postal rebel.I thought of my Grandparents when I saw this romantic card of a young couple kissing in Venice, because they are still so in love. It made me want to write them a little note…The patient and fantastic Tim Conley (@aproposzine) waited far too long for this parcel of treats which included a journal, pocket mirror & some ingredients for his future zines.The pretty Amanda Mcnair (@manderoon) found a wee “congrats on your engagement” card inside a nature’s my friend envelope along with a screenprinted moleskine and her collection of vintage Archies that I had held hostage for far too long.Beverly Ealdama (@beverly_e) creates mostly typographic artworks, using quotes or sayings as imagery. I came across this mini quote book at a local thrift shop and felt it might be the perfect little source of inspiration for her (as well as a few LOLcats).
I spoiled my northern pal Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress) with a handbound altered book journal called “The Snare of the Hunter,” a perfect title for a sketchbook of his. I also sent along animal stickers & a bunch of giggles/inside jokes from ACAD days.
Nick Oostyen and Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme) have been out of control with their postal treats lately. I’ve been finding almost an envelope a week from these kids, so I owed them something special. “An Afternoon Walk” an altered book journal Olivia has been eyeing up and an epic thrifted record for Nick’s collection of vinyl.
The fantasmical Jillian Hermansen (@jillianailsa) has a great sense of humor and a quirky style: the perfect candidate for a complete lolcat book & Mike Perry transfers.Although this is the end of the post, don’t fret, the mail art madness continues soon: the other half of my outgoing treats come tomorrow!

2 Responses to “a month of mail art – outgoing – part 1”

  1. Emily Orpin (@ejorpin) 22/03/2012 at 00:35 #

    Oh my goodness! This is almost overwhelming – so much mail art goodness! I think I’m going to take a moment to pour over each photo and admire the great collections you’ve put together (the farmyard animal stickers in photo number two caught my eye immediately!)

  2. papier et encre 24/03/2012 at 23:52 #

    So glad you blogged about my lovely package! I wanted to but it’s in one of the many suitcases that we can’t unpack until we have a place here. xx

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