18 Mar

I apologize for being away from the blog all week; there is so much going on and I am leaving on an international trip in just a few days, so I am attempting to keep my head on straight! Have also been trying to organize all of my snail mail documentation, as I haven’t done a mail art post for a month! I made two lists yesterday one of outgoing mail and one of incoming mail that have yet to be posted on here… 65 packages. Dear Lord! I have begun the uploading and editing process, but it is taking forever. I have come to the realization that I need to simplify my mail art posts, and so in the next few days, expect a peek into my postbox with a simpler, less wordy format! Until then, I will give you a little tease of mail art with a post about a fantastic collaborative postal project that I participated in and talked about on my blog here, last fall. These above two postcards have finally been chronicled on Bonnie Jean’s blog the Orphan Postcard Project! I have been anxiously awaiting to see any of my 3 postcards on her blog.  The first one was of a church in Dubrovnik, a quaint and very old town in Croatia, which I visited with my family in 2004. Here it is on Bonnie Jean’s blog. The second postcard was of the government house in Edmonton, which I visited in grade school, blogged about by Bonnie Jean here. I am anxiously awaiting to see when my third outgoing postcard will be chronicled on her site… If you’re looking for a fun postal project to participate in, then this is it! Click here for all of the details on how to get involved .

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  1. a month of mail art – incoming – part 1 | - 19/03/2012

    […] Skip to content HomeAboutLinksShop ← postmuse […]

  2. a month of mail art – incoming – part 2 | - 20/03/2012

    […] postcards. You should participate if you like snail mail… if you missed this post or this post about the project, check em out.My Montreal maiden, miss Crystal Plett (@thehouseofheart) sent me […]

  3. the rockies, a place i will always call home | - 19/04/2012

    […] have to pick out some new orphans soon as this was the final postcard I sent to her, along with these two. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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