zine machine

9 Mar

As most of my readers know, I throughly enjoyed working on my Art House Sketchbook Project this year, especially because it paid homage to my 2011 sketchbook which got lost in the post. I included a mini zine of my 2011 book, on the back inside cover of this recently finished volume, so that readers could see the inspiration for each new spread. The second it was finished I knew I wanted to create a limited edition set of them as well as put together a zine that chronicled the new pages of my 2012 submission! I have been designing, printing, cutting, folding and stapling the past few days away. My kitchen table is pretty much a zine factory right now!!! Each zine has two dozen full color pages! One chronicles every pages from my 2012 sketchbook while the other chronicles all of the pages from the 2011 sketchbook that inspired the spread for 2012. They are awfully fun to read simultaneously, viewing the matching images as if they were diptychs!  I have listed both zines on my etsy shop here and here and am also selling them as a set  at a discount price here; I would be thrilled to package some up for you! I am also hopeful that readers who attend the Sketchbook Project World Tour will write down my web info after perusing my creative pages and perhaps be interested in purchasing their own little copies of my fur covered sketchbooks.

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  1. Gina 09/03/2012 at 20:41 #



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