mail art – incoming

18 Feb

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I was spoiled this week with the above incoming mail art treats! Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard) sent a package of favorites, Jessica Mack sent me her last evnvelope from Australia (@brownpaperbunny), the was a lovely valentine from  Jaime Madellena (@sendmoremail), Caren Gibb spoiled me with sweet book pages & heartfelt letter, Nick Oostyen & Olivia Delorme (@0_delorme) sent another double dose of goodness, Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress)found me owls, moustaches and a bird book, Jillian Hermansen (@jillianailsa) went cat crazy and Mr. Munk from The Monster Factory (@_monsterfactory) wrote me a love letter. Thanks for all of the rad treats my wonderful pen pals!!!

One Response to “mail art – incoming”

  1. Julia 20/02/2012 at 02:18 #

    I have been doing an inspirational swap project with some poets in the UK – it is such a good idea. I loved making the contents for my envelope. If you want to do a swap with me please let me know I would gladly post you some goodies…

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