sweet little notes in the post

5 Feb

My mailbox a little quiet this week, but I did have a few cards and small notes arrive. One of which was VERY teeny: a bit of paper sunshine from miss Rhya Tamasauskas (@rhyat). Inside a hand drawn bear envelope was a mini wee envelope, sealed with the tiniest sticker which held the littlest drawing of a sweater-wearing bear with a lollipop smiling in the rain. SO CUTE! awwww.An awesome ACAD friend who now also happens to be a letter carrier for Canada Post, finally took the mail art plunge with me again since we last exchanged back in 3rd year of University! Mynthia McDaniel started the snail mail exchange back up with this sexy postcard portrait of Marlon Brando that she scored at a flea market. Bonnie Jean of the Orhpaned Postcard Project sent me a belated thank you for the “orphans” I donated to her project.  If you enjoy sending snail mail but haven’t yet heard of her blog or participated in the project yet, get over there! It’s such a sweet idea. As for letters that I sent off, the beautiful bear-loving Michelle Ashton (@mizhenka) found an envelope filled with her favorite furry creatures. I promised her I would expand my horizons and attempt to send other things apart from bears, but when putting this reply together, I couldn’t help but fall back into old habits. My favorite sent item is the  gold leaf scratch drawing that I made for her.I typed Jaime Maddalena (@sendmoremail) a letter back at the end of January on some of the most beautiful Italian stationery gifted to me by my pen pal Valeria Poropat. I found myself talking about how quickly the year has been floating by and wondered if she has been feeling the same? I sent the cream coloured envelope with a few vintage beauties I knew she would appreciate. Bree Ong is my sweetie pie pen pal from Malaysia! She truly loves mail and letter writing so it has been fun trading with her. Last letter she wrote about her country, so I thought I would send her back one of my mini Canada print with an adorable beaver. I picked out a few collected stamps, a round playing card, stickers and typed her a note on a pretty winter bird paper.Last to receive treats this week was the darling illustrating & printmaking duo Nuno + Nela. I sent them my Yin-Yang (light & shade) diptych relief prints in one of my test print Animal Kingdom envelopes. I also added in a few extra treats including a trout drawing, friendship quote and Australian postage stamps.I wrote four replies to friends yesterday and am hoping to spend some more studio time today finishing off other envelopes for pen pals that I owe.

One Response to “sweet little notes in the post”

  1. Sumi Senthi 06/02/2012 at 08:42 #

    Such beautiful italian stationary! and that snowy bear picture is adorable!! <3

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