outgoing snail mail

30 Jan

Six pen pal found treats in their post boxes this past week. One letter in particular had been waiting for it’s addressee to return home from his european trip: Robert Sae-Heng (@mrrubbertoes),  found a handmade envelope with typewritten addresses and rad Canadian postage stamps, including the Walrus (his fave animal). I sent him a “how to tie a bow tie” instruction page, a bartending octopus (cuz rob slings drinks part time), a sick spray paint sticker, vintage walrus tea card, walrus flash card and an awesome drawing I did for him inspired by his nickname. It took me a few tries to get it to look right, but essentially the idea was to have rubber toes spelling mister rubber toes.Jill Griffin (@jillgriffinart) found a classic airmail envelope covered in vintage aviation postage stamps. Inside were helpful post-its, plenty of collected paper ephemera including quotes, artwork, magazine clippings and flash cards. I also tore out a page from my martha stewart wedding magazine with cool ideas about alternative ways to use washi, since she has a new found love for the Japanese tape. I handmade an envelope for Sumi Senthi (@sumiart) out of a paper that reminded me of old parchment. I closed it shut with my wax seal from Venice Italy, but sadly the red accent went missing during it’s travels through the postal system. Luckily the contents made it intact: a who’s hoo zine, NMF postcard, stickers, telephone themed flash cards, a calendar to get organized with and a wee little watercolour painting of a cartoon bird.Pagrum Boon, said she loves cookies and collects vintage airmail stickers. It was a no brainer to copy one of my mom’s best cookie recipes and send it with a big pile of various airmail stickers. I also jazzed up moleskine with one of my vinyl stickers to gift to her, along with a wee note on a postcard and some customized typewriter triplicate poetry. Lisa Grabbenstetter‘s (@magneticcrow) twitter bio says that she can not function properly without birds or trees, thus inspiring the themed of my recent mail art post to her. Stamps, paper ephemera, postcards, stickers, rubbings and other tree & bird items were collected to fill an envelope with a swan on the front. I selected only tree or bird postage stamps to send it with too! The last pen pal who enjoyed mail art from me was ACAD friend Su Yin Strang, who found a plethora of cute Sukie woodland post-its, a free willy pog and a sappy friendship quote. The piece du resistance however was this monster freak postcard, on the back of which I described his made up life story… Su said it was “fridge-worthy.”I’m excited to see what postal pleasures arrive at their destinations next week! Plus I’ll be  making envelopes for some of my owed replies later this week, once my art house 2012 sketchbook project is finished.

One Response to “outgoing snail mail”

  1. Sumi Senthi 01/02/2012 at 17:22 #

    Ah photographic proof of the seal! So pretty! Beautiful stamps on all your envelopes by the way! I love the falcon I got! Thank you!

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