C is for mail art

29 Jan

After receiving countless envelopes from the duo Nick Oostyen & Olivia Delorme, a card from Kathy Dahl, Canada geese in Jeannine Saylor’s envelope, a letter from Cheetarah and a completely C themed envelope from Amanda White, it is clear that this week’s incoming mail art post is brought to you by the letter C! I’ll start with the outrageously fat envelope that arrived from Amanda Nicole White (@amanda_ink). We are trading ABC & 123 mail art and this is my third envelope from her. As always she gifted me more goodies than I could have ever imagined – all inspired by the letter C! A gorgeous panting of our country Canada covered the envelope which held: Canadian Tire Money, Congrats on our engagement, C inspired altered book pages, Cassiopeia constellation relief print, canoe chine-colle etching, copper for etching, paper crane, vintage Canadian postage stamps, a clipping from the Canada’s Centenial about Canadian spirit, a home made Canadian Crossword, a condom, chocolate chip recipe, C-word pinback buttons, a map of the Canadian Pacific Railway, a poem called the Carrion Crow and the most heartwarming letter. CRAZY!!! Mail showed up from one of my C named pen pals: Cheetarah (@missthundercat), who made an awesome envelope covered in bird illustrations, big bold letters and some colourful postage stamps. She gifted me several fun postcards (my favorite of which is the swap-bot airmail face), and wrote a nice message on the back of one. She also made me a mini book and sent some fun stickers and collected worldwide postage stamps. Canadian gal Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made) sent me a reply filled with fun paper ephemera including a copy of a watercolour painting and a little clipping which was C-themed: a cartoon about Canada Geese. Other goodies included a nice letter, a paper garland, and a shot of Matthew with a note written on his chest thanking me for all of the “70’s man hunks” searches on her blog due to some sexy postcards I’ve sent her way. Kathy had already gifted me this gem last week and was headed to the Bahamas for a relaxing trip. However I found this cute card covered in puppy stickers on Friday; I guess Kathy’s flight got delayed, so she spent the 3 hours in the airport writing letters to pen pals! FUN. I hope she made it to the beautiful beaches without any more hiccups.Finally Nick Oostyen & Olivia Delorme (@o_delormecontinue to send me mail art, even though I owe them a reply. I found a bunch of envelopes from them this week: a handmade googly eyed farm animal envelope and card. A wee postcard, with a hilarious and sexy photo on the back, congratulating John and I on our engagement. And finally a postcard with tied up pocket attached. Inside the pocket were mini art clippings and an altered vote for pedro pin (possibly for Gerry Taft of Invermere??? Who knows). I wonder if a theme will emerge with next week’s incoming mail!? Wouldn’t that be cool? Outgoing mail that was received last week will be documented onto the blog tomorrow.

2 Responses to “C is for mail art”

  1. Jeannine | SaylorMade 29/01/2012 at 16:59 #

    I thought of you the instant I saw the Canadian Geese cartoon. Thanks for the C themed mail art post. Looks like you received a lot of fantastic treats this week!

  2. Shari Taft 30/01/2012 at 20:49 #

    Haha… I can confirm that the vote for Gerry pin is indeed from the twisted mind of Gerry Taft.

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