every other day, a surprise hides in a silver box

22 Jan

I quite love the fact that I have a postbox down the street, instead of a mailbox on the side of my house; it makes the thrill of fetching, waiting and opening the mail all that more exciting (with the one exception being the -20 degree days)! The stroll to my cute little silver box of snail mail joy, paid off three times this week. Jaime Maddelenna (@sendmoremail) replied to my “secret pal” new year’s card with some adorable and brightly coloured fold and seal stationery. She always surprises me with the variety of lovely letter paper, envelopes and tape she owns… and of course, there was a glorious vintage stamp, but this is a given when talking about a letter from Jaime!Kathy Dahl made me literally bust a gut laughing. The last thing I sent to her in mail art was this, a hilarious paperback book titled “Kathy.” The parcel she replied to me with, was quite the change of pace from her usual altered Canadian postcards: she instead found a hardcover book that had my first name in the title, and sent it my way! “Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side,” a novel about a young girl who finds out she is a fiance to a vampire prince, when suddenly his heart starts to be swayed by a bitchy cheerleader from Jessica’a High School. In order to win her man back, Jessica has to learn how to date on “the dark side”. OMG – I seriously couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! Kathy you’re the best for finding this! Finally the beautful Michelle Ashton (@zbyshka) sent me a wonderful bear decorated envelope with my last name altered slightly. It contained all sorts of bear treats, an article about Warsaw, a place she really wants to visit and a few other animal stickers and ephemera including owls, a kangaroo, a lion and a snake! Thank you to my radtastic friends for these snail mail gifts. It’s been a snowy afternoon here in the Cariboo, so it seems like the perfect time to put on a cozy sweater and sit wrapped up in my studio to write some mail art replies.

One Response to “every other day, a surprise hides in a silver box”

  1. Michelle 22/01/2012 at 16:00 #

    That arrived so quick! Glad you like :)

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