mail art arrives in Canada & UK

21 Jan

Weekends have become my time to share postal pleasures. With so many envelopes flying back and forth lately, I have been fortunate to have enough mail to do both an outgoing and an incoming post. This week 6 more friends found treasures in their mail, the first of which was Ella Goodwin (@ella_goodwin). She was out of control with her last package, sending me endless goodies including a mini diorama and a hand stitched doll! I must admit I was a bit intimidated in replying, but decided one of my altered book journals would be worthy of sending back. I chose the flight of the falcon and send it off with other useful and fun things like patterned paper, postcards, and stickers. John’s cousin Chantel & her adorable little daughter Emma, treated us with some drawings, a photo and a note last week, so I sent them back a few gifts: a giant pile of foam animal stickers for the wee one, fun post-its for Chantel as well as one of my falling feathers notebooks for her to write in. Jamie Maddellena (@sendmoremail) has good detective skills, considering I sent her my most recent mail art reply anonymously. It was the cutest new year’s wish card that reads FROM A SECRET PAL! The blank card was gifted to me by Kye Sangha with a bunch of other fun stationery. I know Jamie figured it out, because she’s already written back! Kathy Dahl is the mother of my good friend Nola Dahl, and although I have never met her in real life, she has become a good pen pal of mine. Since I have no idea what she looks like, I nearly died laughing when I came across this paperback book in the thrift shop titled “KATHY” with a blonde woman running on the cover with a ‘vote for pedro’ style t-shirt that reads “I’M GONNA WIN.” This hilarious image is now who I picture Kathy Dahl to be HAHAHA. Much like the book I sent to Marcus, I stuck postage stamps and her address directly onto the paperback and sent it as is. She loved it.Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard) gets a gold star for patience, as I was too busy with OOAK nearing the end of 2011 that I didn’t have any energy to put towards mail art replies. Once I finally got to it, I rounded up a letter typed on a book page, a who’s hoo zine, butterfly stickers and stamp, matchbox stickers, round playing card and other fun paper ephemera, and sealed it all up in one of my handfolded recycled paper envelopes.I’m glad all of my pen pals enjoyed their treats. Tomorrow will host my incoming mail, including two return envelopes from two of the above recipients, so make sure to come back for more snail mail fun.

2 Responses to “mail art arrives in Canada & UK”

  1. shelbyisrad 21/01/2012 at 17:30 #

    you spoil your pen pals!!! i want to send mail art but i’m always too scared!! So silly but i just don’t know what to send! i feel like i have good/random things i could send too… but i’m a chicken lol

    • naturesmyfriend 21/01/2012 at 21:53 #

      you are so silly Shelby, you can TOTALLY send mail art! The only rule that applies to mail art is that if you get something you have to send something back – thus creating a continuos exchange (like a pen pal). What you send is only limited by your imagination – you can seal almost anything in an envelope and find a way to make it interesting. I have already told you I would trade with you, so if you want to just let me know. There are other friends on here and on twitter too who would be willing to add you to their lists! GOOD LUCK!

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