six treats

15 Jan

My pen pals who live in BC  have mail art replies that travel fast through these western forests: Nick Oostyen, Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme) and Jenn Cutnam surprised me with quick replies. Jenn seems to already know me well having sent some wonderful animal stationery with cats and furry cuties, as well as a long heartfelt letter.Nick and Olivia sent a radtastic stationery set that has an envelope, card and the most epic pop-out cardboard birds! They also sent stickers, and post-its and a letter. I was also greeted with envelopes from Alberta from Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress) while he was visiting family for Christmas, John’s cousin Chantel & her daughter Emmy and also my ACAD printmaking pal Alexis Fullenkamp.  Marcus sent this beauty of a card during the holidays, which is why it has a Red Deer postmark on it. The photo card features an elaborate mini xmas set up where the photographer lured in live squirrels with nuts. This little guy is checking his mail box for some holiday treats! Chantel Hager & her adorable little Emma sent us an awesomely scribbled envelope containing a sweet little letter, a cute photo portrait and a large colourful drawing made by Emma (the 2 year old Picasso!) Alexis went cat crazy on me and I loved it. I don’t know if its because of ICANHAZCHEZBURGR memes or what, but there is something inherently funny and kitschy now about ANY cat portraits, period. From cardboard cut-outs, a new gocco print to Japanese trading cards with stickers and a letter in between, it was a very enjoyable envelope. Excuse me for one moment… COUGH *hairball*   My only out of country surprise was from the talented Timothy Conley (@aproposzine) who was far too generous gifting me two more of his wonderfully detailed collaged zines (I’m becoming an avid collector), some of his comicon prints, original line drawings and the sweetest little typewritten note. My bookshelf and complete paper/book addict within were so thrilled. Seems like I am back on track to finding about a letter a day in the postbox, and with all of the recent outgoing mail that has been sent, I can only assume that more replies and postal treats will continue to fly my way.

One Response to “six treats”

  1. TheMindOfFreya 15/01/2012 at 21:19 #

    pretty cool stuff!

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