happy postboxes all over the world

14 Jan

After creating a flurry of replies during my holidays, for the 22 people I owed mail art to, packages have now begun arriving in mailboxes around the entire world. Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress) got a real gem from me that I was SO proud to send his way: The Deer Hunter’s Bible, complete with BB gun shot holes from target practice. I added a few goodies to the front cover and decided to send the book as is by, sealing the edges with airmail tape, and adding hunting-esque vintage postage stamps & a typewritten address. I wrote a lovely little postcard to Kira Walker (@gali_gal) with a festive holiday fox on the front drawn by Helen Macdonald. I’m glad this treat as well as a fun order from my etsy shop showed up recently to give this deserving girl a big smile. It makes me feel happy to send rainbows off to Rhya Tamasauskas (@rhyat) who often sends me more than my fair share of postal sunshine. Hannah Montana stickers and magnets, Minney Mouse rainbow card, triplicate owl drawings, and a typewritten letter on one of my holiday advice cards are the surprises she found hidden in a rainbow and cloud adorned envelope.For Tessa Brown (@talulabblogger), I found a hilarious section in a tiger beat magazine called Fashion OMGS, which I thought she would have a chuckle about. I sent clothing themed stickers and paper ephemera, a mother flash card, an illustrated postcard and an info card. I sealed it all inside a animal kingdom envelope with vintage postage stamps.  Valeria Poropat (@valeriadraws) was gifted one of the prints from my first ever intaglio edition. The image is of a tower in Italy, a photo I took when I visited in 2004. It made sense for my Italian pen pal to own one… I sent along a bunch of fun stickers and wrote on a postcard for her then had to add quite a few stamps to the envelope to get it there. Sarah Hutchinson Burke (@thesecondmagpie) got an envelope that had to fly all the way to Ireland, but luckily it had a lot of wing-power inside: three bird postcards (2 of my designs), bird postage stamps, bird stickers, big bird flash card, bird covered mini card, book & magazine bird cut outs and a little graphite portrait.Jenny Cutnam is a doll who I met at the OOAK show. She was there working for a friend who was also a vendor and she ended up purchasing one of a my large scale etchings of a fox (“Curled Up”). We instantly had a connection and I was excited to hear that she is also into snail mail. I started our pen pal relationship with a little letter, some funny postcards, garfield cartoons, stickers, a/p screenprints and a red maple leaf. Nick Oostyen & Olivia Delorme (o_delorme) found a plethora of silly items in their postbox this past week: grafitti stickers, cookie monster flash cards, drug facts for young people (since they are living alone in Victoria, they need to be educated on these things), world map stickers, music & record ephemera (Nick collects vinyl), an illustration that looks like the Oostyen family greenhouse and a couple nature’s my friend badges. I wrote ACAD buddy Amy Liebenberg (@amygillian) a letter on a screenprint proof of my animal kingdom piece and sent it along with french matchbox stickers, typewriter poetry about printmaking, and blank postcards. I sealed it all up in an air-mail color themed envelope covered with Christmas and Canadian pride stamps.And lastly, this morning Anna Gwenllian (@annagwenllian) found her Birth of Adam parody envelope which contained a screenprint of our glorious queen Liz, a handbound mini notebook, postcards,matchbox stickers, paper ephemera and typewriter poetry! It feels so good to start the new year spreading my love out across the globe to friends near and far with snail mail! I hope you all loved your treats… tomorrow I’ll be sharing what I discovered this past week in my postbox.

7 Responses to “happy postboxes all over the world”

  1. KKLECTRIC 14/01/2012 at 14:44 #

    The wee postcard made me smile very much. I love receiving mail and you always go that extra mile with your letters :D Thanks Jessica!

  2. Anna Jane Searle 14/01/2012 at 15:16 #

    Wow you sent some awesomeness this week!!!!! That deer bible is flippin awesome and such a great idea….the bullet holes are dead funny.

  3. ejorpin 14/01/2012 at 18:05 #

    WOW! You have been busy! Love the idea of posting the book sans packaging, looks great too.

    I have not got my mail art into gear yet, the festive season has been far too distracting. Am about to go a-traveling but when I return home a package to you is my top priority!

  4. Sumi Senthi 15/01/2012 at 08:04 #

    Aw Beautiful intaglio print! I’m very impressed with the amount of mail art you create!

  5. Anna Gwenllian 15/01/2012 at 08:13 #

    yaaay mail art!!! wowza these are all brilliant :) ESPECIALLY mine heeheehee!!! xxx


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