cleaning house

4 Jan

Ever go to find something and it takes you twice the time you expected to find it? Do you have a piling problem and find yourself searching for space to work on? Do corners or unused rooms beg for your boxes of random things? ME TOO!!! That’s why this year I wanted to make a change, so that I can focus more on creating instead of wasting time searching for supplies. I’ve spent the last 3 days cleaning and organizing my entire life. It all started with the realization that we aren’t moving any time soon, and so the storage room filled with our moving boxes, was a pointless waste of usable space. So I took them all out into random rooms, sorted them, and moved them down to the crawl space. The few odd things that we use from time to time such as camping gear, biking stuff & luggage stayed out of the crawlspace and were instead moved up to the top unreachable rows, thus leaving me with four blank shelves and an entire floor space to organize my life with. After all of my production and product expansion for OOAK, I have far more product than what could originally fit in my real life etsy shop. So I’ve moved it all into the storage area, along with my mailing / packaging supplies, blank moleskines, button presses, coloured / blank paper, framed works in boxes, and piles of second-hand books.  The floor of my studio space, our living area and the second bedroom are finally free of serious Jessica residue, and are now able to be put to their proper use. John and I are thinking of turning the second bedroom into a little quiet zone/ reading room which can easily be maneuvered to accomodate a bed when guests come, but for now I’m ready to concentrate on MAKING in 2012, now that I know exactly where all of my supplies are.

2 Responses to “cleaning house”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 04/01/2012 at 10:41 #

    Very organised ;)

    So that means I pop over then!!!!

  2. ejorpin 05/01/2012 at 00:29 #

    Look at all that space! So organised! My job for this week is to clean my giant jumbled mess of a craft nook (I can only fit one foot in their at the moment, it’s that bad). I am doing everything possible to put if off (including catching up on some of my favourite blogs!), even though I know it will feel so good when I do actually clear the clutter. Thanks for the motivation!

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