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traveling sketchbook from Italy

28 Dec

Valeria Poropat (@valeriadraws) is a pen pal of mine from Rome, Italy. When she had the idea of sending around a small accordion book for all of her pen pals to draw in, I was super excited to participate. The book recently showed up in a mail art package last week from Lisa Grabenstetter (@magneticcrow). Creating my panel for this collaborative project has been a great way to ease back into studio-mode after the big trade show and a week of lazy holidays. The only ‘guideline’ for this book was that it’s title was: from here, to there and back again. I of course needed to include animals in my work and since this is a mail-based project organized by a penpal, I immediately thought of both birds and lettermail and their common migratory nature. Because they both travel from “here to there and back again,” birds and snail mail ephemera were the perfect inspiration for my contribution. To create this piece, I used a combination of graphite, pencil crayon, found objects, collage, relief printing and my vintage typewriter. There were five artists that had already added to the accordion book before me, and there are still several more artists who have yet to make their mark on this book (including Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made) who is the lucky lady I am sending this to next)! Above is what the collaboration looks like so far… I hope Valeria is thrilled with the progress, and I am excited to see how this project evolves further!

a closer look at the nmf booth

27 Dec

As promised, here are some more shots of the nature’s my friend booth at the One of a Kind Show and Sale Vancouver 2011, including set-up, completed shots & dismantle. A big thanks is owed to all of those who came out to the show, who supported my shop and for being all around positive and inspiring customers, friends and vendors! 

boxing day party

26 Dec

One of the many great things that came from doing the OOAK show in Vancouver was that I met an exhibitor who not only lives in 100 mile house, but LIVES ON MY STREET: Adea Chung of Billy Would Designs. I am so excited to have this amazing new person in my life. Tonight we are off to a boxing day party at her house! I’m feeling festive with a red bow in my hair, fresh baked mint chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of pinot grigio.


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