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22 Dec

I couldn’t keep myself away from my newly acquired vintage typewriter, and so one night right before OOAK I took a break for myself and typed some letters. First I wanted to thank my sister Alison Martin for her help in my trade show preparations, as she was my ikea delivery girl who sourced out all the lighting I needed. I just wanted to send another wee bit of gratitude her way.  The next two to find a typed treat were Nick Oostyen and Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme). I had typed on a patterned paper with a top hat, and folded it shut to make it postcard sized, then typed their address on the outside. I had sealed it with one piece of pretty washi tape but I guess the post office added some scotch tape into the mix, between my house and theirs. Someone who often writes me typewritten letters is Jaime Maddellena (@sendmoremail) so it was an easy fit to write her a mail art reply with my new toy and also included some collected US stamps. In my opinion, Carney Oudendag is always deserving of a special treat any day of the week, so it was a no brainer to write her a little thank you for the fabulous book she recently gifted me! She told me that she loved the by-gone-era feeling of the postcard.Last but of course never least, was a small note that I sent off to my grandparents in Oakville. The front it said “i love you more than chips and chocolate” and on the back I had just enough room to fit both of our addresses and let them know that I miss them terribly and that they are constantly in my thoughts. Tomorrow I will share what I recently found in the postbox and next week’s mail art post will be holiday themed, chronicling all of the Christmas cards from family, friends and pen pals, plus any other snail mail treats I find soon.

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