final postal pleasures

4 Dec

As I am headed to Vancouver on Tuesday, there will be a mail art hiatus for 2 weeks, so get your fill while you can with this final snail mail chronicle! My Italian pen pal Valeria Poropat (@valeriadraws) is always so sweet to me by gifting many generous things from her wonderful home country. This time I was spoiled with: a beautiful drawing on rag paper, a fold out pack of postcard images of Venice, vintage stamp, fake million  dollar bill, a sweet note and an incredible stationery set with gold leaf and peacock pattern. Alistair Gow, my dear scottish friend and fellow printmaker, treated me with the longest, loveliest letter filled with so many kind words, exciting tidbits, and just general love from across the pond! Not to mention the fact that he gifted me several prints: one of which is the loveliest color lithograph I have ever had the privilege of putting my hands on. Su Ying Strang is up to her usual fantastic tricks and wrote me two lovely pieces of fiction inspired by found images and tucked them into a decorated envelope. One was a portrait of Judy: night & day (aka moral lesson about drugs haha) while the other was a story about the life of pig farmer Jeremiah. What an imagination! Kira Walker (@gali_gal) is a great pen pal; we have been writing some beautiful letters to each other. This time she also added in a fold out map of Norwich, so I could see where she lives. Cute little “rainy london town” type stickers were in there as well. Jaime Maddellena (@sendmoremail) used her typewriter to write me a message on the back of a postcard about a holiday craft fair she is participating in. She wished me lots of luck at OOAK and I wish her the same at the upcoming Handmade Holiday event.  Jill Griffin (@jillgriffinart) expressed her new found love of washi tape thanks to me. (I can only assume it was my ‘washi wonders’ post that prompted her recent tape shopping spree). The envelope was decorated with washi, and inside was a tape sampler from her little daughter, and paper rosettes trimmed by washi as well as lovely stickers, paper ephemera and a little mini book of doodles!To those of you who are planning to send to me, or to those who already have and are waiting for it to arrive, fret not as I have the post office holding my mail (so all mail art will be well guarded during my absence!!!) When I return home I am looking forward to diving into more recently arrived letters not to mention my own stationery, stamps, ephemera and envelopes when I get to writing my many owed replies. For now I hope you enjoyed the last 6 mail art replies that spoiled me during my final week of preparations for one of the biggest art shows of my life!

One Response to “final postal pleasures”

  1. Jill Griffin 04/12/2011 at 13:02 #

    Yay…it arrived :-) You have unleashed a washi monster in our house :-)

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